Hand Made

Our jewellery is hand made by specialist jewellers in London and Los Angeles reflecting our love and respect for the process of quality craftsmanship.

Using traditional techniques like hand engraving and enamel work to create unique designs that reflect the beauty of each gemstone.


18k Gold

All of our gold is recycled. In keeping with our own ethos we only align with sources who have integrity and passion for their business.

Our 18k gold jewellery is hand forged by specialist jewellers reflecting our love and respect for the process of quality craftsmanship and sustainability.

Hand selected

Nature's own

Each gemstone is chosen by Brooke for its unique qualities,  selecting stones that are not always obvious with hidden depths of beauty.

One-of-a-kind natural gemstones form the backbone of the Brooke Gregson aesthetic. We only work with ethical gemstone sources who are part of organisations such as AGTA (American Gem Trade Association) in the US and in Europe the WFBD (World Federation Diamond Bourse) who set the highest ethical standards for its members.

LA & London


Brooke Gregson is highly respected in the world of fine, contemporary jewellery for her original creations and unmistakeable use of colour and craftsmanship.

Working with a small team of expert craftsmen in England, Brooke develops traditional techniques through the eyes of her Los Angeles West Coast roots. Her love of fine craftsmanship stems from a pursuit to honour the beauty of nature's finite gemstones.