The Key To Your Heart Collection

I just recently moved into what I feel is my forever home.


It is on the same street name as the one my father grew up on which is called Sunset.  I feel so fortunate to have this place for so many reasons. It feels like a great new chapter in life and one that will bring me closer to what I truly value in life. Shortly after moving I began seeing key symbols in my free association drawings. I then started looking into what keys signify and how keys can be the opening to your own individuality. I began focusing on individual key designs to parallel the idea that there is only one unique to your home and ultimately to your heart.

The Key to Your Heart collection was sparked by my new home. When I first held the keys to this house it felt like keys to a new life. Key drawings in different forms began to take over my design journal.

The gemstones used in this collection are intentionally rare and unique and the making of each key pendant is used with traditional techniques where nothing is cast so it can’t ever be replicated. 

The key is a truly special symbol as it is a sign of individuality as no key is the same. A key is also used to open new doors and can symbolically mean opening the key to your individual self.

"I hope each necklace from this collection takes on its own special meaning for each wearer opening up the door to your individual self and your own heart."