Calming the inner soul, clarity and circulation.

Boulder Opal is unique among gemstones with its intense flashes of colour formed over 100 million years ago from hydrated silica embedded in ironstone. Opal comes from the Greek word 'opallus' which loosely translates as 'changing color'.

Australia is the world's only source for boulder opals, with boulder opals making up only 2% of its entire opal output. As each opal is unique in color and shape boulder opals are usually cut flat or in cabochon with the natural ironstone backing intact.

Fire Opal was first discovered in 1835 in the Mexican Highlands which is also the spot where many extinct volcanoes are found. The name derives from its 'fiery' translucent colour of yellow to orange to red with an intense inner glow.

Fire opal is said to encourage optimism and confidence.

Opal is a stone of strength

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