Sagittarius Astrology Necklace - November 22 to December 21


14k brushed gold Astrology necklace with 17 VS1 full cut diamonds in a constellation design with 14k gold chain.

Sagittarius is the ninth Star sign of the Zodiac. Sagittarians are often expansive, optimistic and generous. This fire sign likes to travel, study and share knowledge. Keywords: wisdom & prosperity.

Brooke’s original inspiration was the texture of the moon which became the perfect canvas to the starry constellation.

Fine jewellery made in Los Angeles

  • 14k brushed gold (5 grams)
  • Carat weight diamond .34ct;  grade EF
  • Pendant diameter 22mm, depth 1.2mm
  • Chain length 18" with adjustable loop at 16.5" (46-42cm)
  • 14k rose gold available to order

Product code: NASA14

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